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A website now lies at the heart of all businesses and that will include yours. It is where you tell the world who you are, what you do, what you sell and where you take the opportunity through features and articles to demonstrate your expertise. In short, it is a showcase exhibiting a very valuable object – your business.

For most businesses the website is not there to sell directly, it is there to educate and persuade current and future clients that you are the business with whom they should be dealing. As such, the words on the pages are as crucial as the images in conveying your brand and your message.

James Arklie Writing has the knowledge and the skill to write sharp, punchy and persuasive content for your website. We assist the designer with placing key words in the text for SEO and, more importantly, we make it compelling and interesting while staying within your brand and comfort zones of voice and tone.

However, experience with a large number of clients has taught us that it is what happens next that is one of the most important aspects of your website – the future management of the content.

A website left to sit and idle will soon stop performing the functions you require of it. Your website needs to be kept refreshed and constantly reinvigorated with up-to-date news, articles and features on current topics of interest to your customer and introducer database.

Once we have written your website we are able to offer –

  • Monthly product articles ghosted for management teams to keep the site fresh and demonstrate their skill and professionalism
  • Monthly news articles to ensure the content remains current and again demonstrate to your clients that as a business you remain up-to-date in your field of expertise
  • In association with your web provider discuss key wordings for SEO to ensure your website remains optimised for Google searches
  • Write regular updates on the launch of your new products and services, changes to members of staff and news of your work in the arena of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We encourage you to view your website as a living thing that needs to be regularly fed and watered because if you do that you will have a website that is a true showcase for your business.

Reinvigorate refresh and energise your website