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Newsletters – the best and worst decision most businesses make.

The best because a positive decision has been made to be proactive, spend some time, effort and money to advertise and promote the business, its products and its expert, professional and sometimes very specialist teams.

The business has plenty to shout about – you have the products, unique selling points and you are heavily into corporate social responsibility. All you have got to do is let the world know and they will come knocking on your door. Everyone will want to do business with you. What could possibly go wrong?


You only have to look at other websites (perhaps even your competitors) to see how quickly this becomes the worst decision the business has made. The reason is simple – the project is never followed through.

After the first two or three of a monthly newsletter they become intermittent or worse still dry up altogether. The usual reasons quoted are that everyone struggles to write it and no one has the time to do it. Instead of being a megaphone that shouts out what your business is capable of it has become a silent embarrassment with the last years electronic copy sitting in a corner of your website.

So, how do you make it a megaphone? Simple, you outsource the production to professionals such as James Arklie Writing. We will –

  • Firstly, tell you never to make it more than two sides of A4
  • Ghost all of the copy for your specialists – our skill is to write punchy, attention-grabbing articles, news-bites, staff news and CSR that is read
  • If we know your industry well enough suggest articles or new angles on existing products and services
  • Arrange design and print (if hard copy) and delivery of an electronic version for emailing out by your sales, marketing and business development teams
  • Most importantly, ensure that it is always produced on time.

It is worth remembering that a newsletter and its content has a variety of uses – it can be uploaded to your corporate Linkedin page, emailed or posted, handed out in meetings or at business shows and left in your reception.

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