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Handbooks and Manuals

James Arklie Writing can assist you with the writing, layout and grammatical accuracy of your handbooks, manuals, procedures and processes. We don’t usually write them from scratch because they are your actions to document (although we can write them with the appropriate meetings) but we can add the extra professional writing skills to complete an often tedious project.

James Arklie Writing typically become involved at the first draft stage when we will bring our copy-editing and writing skills to bear to ensure accuracy of text, layout and grammar and be able – as outsiders – to test the copy for good sense - i.e. will the casual reader and user of the handbook/manual understand it and act appropriately.

Why is it important to include a third party in what is really an internal process? The answer is straightforward-

  • They need to be written in clear, concise language and they need to be laid out and organised to ensure that they can be easily referred to and understood. These skills are not often found in-house
  • They are written by the teams who actually take those actions on a daily basis and who are therefore too close to those actions to be able to test what they have written for good sense and transferability
  • Financial Service Authorities now insist that procedures and processes are properly documented to ensure uniformity of process within a business.
  • Let’s face it, they can be a tedious and boring exercise that leads to sloppiness and shortcuts and constant shifting to the bottom of the tray because there are more important tasks to be done. We will be able to drive the process forward to successful completion. 

James Arklie Writing – handbooks, manuals, procedures, processes -
you write them and we take away the tedium of tidying them