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Freelance Writing - Editing - Proofreading


Creating compelling, punchy, readable and immediate text to drive clients and customers to your business, your services and your products is a key focus of our writing service. You may need a full website with landing and product pages which instantly engage and draw the reader in, ghosted bespoke articles or advertorial to enhance the professional reputation of management and the current cutting edge nature of your business, or maybe tailored, message driven newsletters or eshots which will have customers running to your website – whatever the needs and the targets, we will create the copy to achieve them. Then add in our excellent proofreading and editing services because they go hand in hand with the written word and what you are trying to achieve by using it. How often do you read an article, view a website or worse still, see a large advert and right there in the middle is a glaring ‘typo’ or the wrong word used? Even more embarrassing is if it is your advert. A read-through by a professional, qualified proofreader of an important document you have been too close to for too long will give you the reassurance that you need. The suite of services we offer is summarised in the article entitled – ‘Why every business needs a writer’ in the publications section. Please read it - you will find it compelling and trust us, you will see your business in there somewhere.

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