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The Channel Islands Stock Exchange is... open

Posted by charlesbrandreth on October 29, 2013

The CISX is once again open for business following previous announcements that initially it had stopped accepting new listing applications (14 October) and then latterly (18 October), that it was open again for new listings but complex and unusual structures would still not be considered.

The announcement on 28 October now states that the CISX is open and that all listing applications will now be considered in the usual manner.

This is something which brings certainty back to the sector and users of the CISX and was welcomed by Guernsey Finance Chief Executive Fiona Le Poidevin – ‘This update is good news for all those using the CISX as it means it is back to business as usual. Decisions have been taken quickly and effectively thereby providing clients with the certainty and continuity they require as the CISX moves forward with plans to establish a newly structured exchange in due course’.

The CISX was initially closed for new all new listings applications following the news that it was under investigation by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission for some of its historic activities.